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Engine Oil
Engine oil minimizes friction and wear in internal combustion engines, maintaining ideal viscosity across temperatures. Its Flash Point of 240°C prevents ignition risks, with a Pour Point capped at -21°C to inhibit solidification. Available in various pack sizes, it ensures superior lubrication, cooling, and cleaning for automotive, industrial, and marine engines.
Motorcycle Oil
Motorcycle oil provides extensive wear and corrosion protection, promoting engine longevity. Formulated economically with a long shelf life, it suits all motorcycle types and climates. Available in 210Ltrs, 55Ltrs, and 15Ltrs packs, it ensures optimal lubrication and performance, extending engine durability and reliability in diverse conditions.
Gear Oil
Gear oil enhances gear performance in mechanical systems, enduring extreme pressures and temperatures in gearboxes. It minimizes friction and wear among gear teeth, prolonging component life. Available in 210Ltrs, 55Ltrs, and 15Ltrs packs, it ensures seamless operation in automotive transmissions, industrial machinery, and marine propulsion, guaranteeing reliability across diverse environments.
Agriculture Oil
Agriculture oil, designed for farming equipment like tractors and tillers, ensures optimal performance in demanding agricultural settings. Engineered with precision, it provides superior lubrication, cooling, and protection against wear and corrosion, extending machinery lifespan. Available in 210Ltrs, 55Ltrs, and 15Ltrs packs, it enhances engine efficiency and reliability, contributing to increased productivity in farming operations.
PCMO, or Passenger Car Motor Oil, is specially formulated for modern automobile engines. It includes synthetic blend oil, ensuring engines remain clean, lubricated, and protected against wear. With advanced refining processes, it offers high nutritional value, promoting longevity and optimal performance. Used widely in cars, it ensures smooth operation and fuel efficiency, with excellent viscosity stability and anti-wear properties for peak performance.
Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic oil, with Kinematic Viscosity of 9-11 cSt@100°C and a minimum Viscosity Index (V.I.) of 120, ensures optimal viscosity and stability. With a Flash Point of 240°C (COC) and a Pour Point max of -21°C, it's suitable for diverse applications. Available in various pack sizes, it provides efficient lubrication and hydraulic system operation.
Grease, a semi-solid lubricant, contains base oil thickened with a soap-like substance. Varieties like bearing and lithium base grease offer versatile lubrication. With a drop point of 90°C-100°C, it resists temperature extremes. Available in various sizes, it reduces friction and wear in mechanisms, ensuring long-lasting performance and equipment lifespan.
Industrial and Specialities Oil
Industrial and specialty oils, vital for specific industrial tasks, include transformer oil, brake fluid, and industrial engine oil. With a density of 1.025 kg/l at 15°C and a boiling point of 230°C, they offer stable performance in extreme conditions. Available in 210Ltrs and 55Ltrs packs, they ensure reliable operation and safety in manufacturing, transportation, and energy sectors.